Rehealth Speaks at Renowned Stem Cell Conference

(Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic) March 6, 2012, Autologous Stem Cells Conference –  Rehealth Regenerative Therapies was issued a special invitation to speak at the conference entitled “Advances in the Use of Stem Cells in Autoimmune and Degenerative Diseases”.

This was held in one of the most prestigious hotels in the Dominican capital. The event was hosted by BRC Center and is the second in a planned series of discussions to take place in Santo Domingo, aimed at educating the community on the current state and future therapeutic applications of stem cells.

Both physicians and patients attended the conference as Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, head of research and development and a Rehealth staff member, was joined by leaders in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field, including Dr. Jesus Esparragoza Romano, Interventional Cardiologist and Medical Director for Rehealth in Guadalajara, Mexico. The conference focused on the ethical and successful application of autologous stem cell therapies which result from the use of a patient’s own stem cells for therapeutic effect and improvement of quality of life for those suffering from diseases and injuries.

Discussions focused on the quantifiable scientific effects of such procedures and specifically on statistical data including those published in peer reviewed journals supporting the efficacy of such treatments. Video testimony shared from patients that had undergone such therapies gave hope to hundreds of audience members that this is truly a revolutionary approach to treating disease.

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