Thanksgiving: Overcoming Social Anxiety

Thanksgiving and holiday season is finally here. For most people, this can be the most anticipated time of the year. However, for those suffering from social anxiety, thanksgiving can represent everything but fun. Today we will share a couple of tips for you to identify it, and feel at your best during the holidays! What […]

Prebiotics VS Probiotics: How Are They Different?

Good gut bacteria is key for your intestinal and overall health. Everything from your mood, metabolism, weight, and even your immune system is directly affected by it and it is responsible for keeping harmful microorganisms in check. We all know that consuming probiotics is important to keep our guts in track, however, it turns out […]

Healthy Fear? 5 Reasons Why Halloween Is Good For Your Health

Are you a Halloween fan? Well, it seems like your body might be thanking you for that extra adrenaline dose.  According to different studies, Halloween and spook-filled activities can actually be beneficial for your health! Relaxation Although it sounds hard to believe, scary moments can lead to body relaxation. The reason behind this is the […]

5 Food Additives That Destroy Your Gut

According to a new survey, 74 percent of Americans are living with gut issues and digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and abdominal pain. And even though, we know that our food is the one to blame, up to 90 percent of the American population is not consuming enough vegetables, and surprisingly, 75 percent of […]

Autumn Anxiety: The Reason Why You Feel More Stressed

Fall or Autumn Anxiety is an emotional condition that according to the experts has a tendency to rise this time of the year. According to Dr. Clare Morrison, medical advisor at MedExpress, “Autumn anxiety is the tendency for people to suffer from anxiety and low mood during the autumn months and unlike other anxiety, there […]

Gluten-Free: You Might Be Celiac and Not Know it!

Gluten sensitivity is no joke, and it affects about 6% to 7% of the U.S. population. Although it sounds like a non-alarming number, this represents up to 20 million people in the United States alone. Today we will analyze the difference between a wheat allergy and Celiac Disease along with weird symptomatology and ways to […]

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Feel? My Rehealth Experience!

My Personal Experience At Rehealth As many of you know, I have been a part of the Rehealth team for about a year and a half, but I hadn’t experienced what it’s like to receive SCT, until 10 days ago.  As a community manager, I get to answer patients’ questions and inquiries, and most of […]