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Regenerative Medicine: Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

When we mention the word Regenerative Medicine, most people tend to think that it will be a medical advancement that will come way in the future, or at least during the next years. What most people don’t know, is the fact that Regenerative Medicine has been around for decades and it has shown incredible results […]

Breaking Down Stem Cell Therapy: Answering The Top Questions.

Stem Cell Therapy is a novel method that offers recovery and health improvement for conditions that were previously known as untreatable such as: Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s OCPD Lyme Disease Stroke Ortho/Sports Injuries Skin Care/ Antiage/ Cosmetic Use Autism. One of the most promising things about Stem Cell Therapy is the fact that it offers improvement by […]

5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Skin

How Many Of These Are You Guilty Of?  We all want to age gracefully and look amazing as time goes by. Unfortunately, most of all hold habits that are hurting our skin on a daily basis without us realizing it. Follow our advice to avoid these steps below and you will look radiant at any […]

The Cosmetic Benefits Of SCT

Stem Cell Therapy is well known for helping patients recover by promoting their own body`s healing mechanisms without the risk of complicated/painful procedures or surgeries. During the last decades, Stem Cell Therapy has been develping a new field of cosmetic care, beauty enhancement and age biohacking.  What is Biohacking? Biohacking is the process of making […]

Celery Juice: Healthy Drink Or Just A Fad?

You have surely seen the #CeleryJuice challenge all over instagram. Tons of celebrities and health advocates swearing by the healing powers of the celery stalk juice. But in the mids of so many trends and hype, we could not help but wonder, is celery juice really so beneficial? The truth About Celery Juice Celery itself […]

Making The Most Out Of Stem Cell Therapy

It’s well known that Stem Cell Therapy is the answer when it comes to utilizing your body’s own resources to heal and recover. However, as in all therapies, Stem Cell Therapy requires some precautionary measures and care to make the most out of it and prolong the lasting of the benefits on your body. Stem […]

Stem Cell Therapy For Autoimmune Disorders

Approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population, suffer from autoimmune disorders. About 30 million of the affected patients are women, representing approximately 75 percent of the autoimmune population. What Are Autoimmune Diseases? Autoimmune conditions are diseases where the patient’s immune system presents abnormally low activity or over activity in the immune system regular […]

Stem Cell Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling disease that affects 2.3 millions of people globally. According to the MS Discovery Forum, in the United States alone, 200 patients are being diagnosed weekly. What Is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis(MS) is considered an auto-immune disorder where the immune system has an abnormal response and attacks the body’s Central Nervous […]

Stem Cells Therapy For Orthopedic Conditions

For many years, people suffering from ortho conditions or sports injuries had surgery as their only option to recovery. Those types of procedures, besides of being risky, painful, and with long recoveries, many times did not guarantee the full recovery of the patient.Today, after many years of research, stem cell therapy has become the greatest recovery […]