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5 Steps To (Really) Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

We all have been there, it’s January 1st and you have a list full of things that this year you really will accomplish. Since it’s the first week you take the step, pay that gym subscription, buy healthy groceries, but after a couple of weeks, you are back into your old habits. Sounds familiar?  Today […]

Stem Cell Therapy: Benefits For Athletes

For many years, athletes suffering from ortho conditions or sports injuries had surgery as their only option to recovery. Those types of procedures, besides being risky, painful, and with long recoveries, many times did not guarantee the full recovery of the patient. Today, after many years of research, stem cell therapy has become the greatest […]

Do Protein Shakes Really Work?

Protein shakes have been around for a long time. They claim to be the solution for weight loss, muscle increase, and even better performance. Today, we will analyze the truth about these drinks and their effectiveness for nutritional aid, muscle gain, and of course weight loss. Protein Shakes as Dietary Supplements According to the FDA, […]

3 Self-Care Habits Men Over 50 Say They Should’ve Practiced Sooner

In a recent post, one Reddit user asked the community for self-care tips that guys wish they’d known about: “Men 50+, what are some self-care habits you wish you started earlier?” the post reads. Although, many claimed they should have ditched the obvious bad habits earlier (smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and not working out), […]

Trying to Workout as a 2020 Goal? The answer; don’t try too hard….

According to recent studies, up to 80% of Americans have in their New Years’ resolutions to live healthier. Working out, running, and hitting the gym are found among the top of them. However, one study found that up to 73 percent of people who set fitness resolutions end up quitting before hitting their targets. The […]

Calorie Density: Eat More-Lose weight

Our western culture has a tendency to believe that overweight comes as a result of over-eating, thus to lose weight we must eat less. Well, what would you say if we told you that you can eat more and actually lose weight? Sounds amazing, right? With the calorie density method, it is possible! What is […]

5 Ways You Are Making Your Metabolism Slow

We have all been there. You are working out, doing your best, eating healthy, and still, you don’t see the results that you are expecting on the scale. On the other hand, we have that one friend who eats whatever he/she wants doesn’t work out as much and is still skinny.  The reason behind this; […]

The Definitive Way To Lose Weight, According To Science.

“Eat only juices”, “make a tuna fast”, “quit sugar”, “eat only veggies”, are common diet examples with an equal denominator, they only make you lose weight during a certain time and they don’t represent a healthy diet.Since losing weight has been found the number 1 resolution on New Years eve, today we want to share […]