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Gut and Immune System: All About The Microbiome Connection

It’s well known that your gut has a strong connection with your skin, weight, and even emotions. But did you know that your immune system is strongly linked to your digestive system as well? Today, we will analyze their relationship as well as ways to support your defense mechanisms from your inside. The Gut and […]

Gut Health: Supporting Your Microbiome Without Supplements

The gut health and immune system is not a joke. According to recent studies, it doesn’t matter how many vitamin c you are taking, if your gut is unhealthy, your immune system will be compromised too. The reason behind this is tracked back to your gut microbiome and its strong connection with your defenses, and […]

Coronavirus Quarantine: 50 Indoors Activities

Covid-19 has set the globe under quarantine. Although most people can continue to work online, staying at home 24/7 can be stressful. However, Netflix is not the only choice to stay entertained during this quarantine. Today, we want to share with you 50 indoor activities to have fun while staying safe at home. Ready, go! […]

Gut Health: This Stool Chart Tells You All About Your Gut Health and How to Fix it

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. From the moment we eat to the moment we visit the loo, our gut health is constantly speaking. Acid reflux, inflammation,  constipation, and even diarrhea are all signs of gut imbalances. Today we will analyze the top aspects of your gut health, by breaking down the most common […]

Prebiotics VS Probiotics: How Are They Different?

Good gut bacteria is key for your intestinal and overall health. Everything from your mood, metabolism, weight, and even your immune system is directly affected by it and it is responsible for keeping harmful microorganisms in check. We all know that consuming probiotics is important to keep our guts in track, however, it turns out […]

5 Food Additives That Destroy Your Gut

According to a new survey, 74 percent of Americans are living with gut issues and digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and abdominal pain. And even though, we know that our food is the one to blame, up to 90 percent of the American population is not consuming enough vegetables, and surprisingly, 75 percent of […]

Gluten-Free: You Might Be Celiac and Not Know it!

Gluten sensitivity is no joke, and it affects about 6% to 7% of the U.S. population. Although it sounds like a non-alarming number, this represents up to 20 million people in the United States alone. Today we will analyze the difference between a wheat allergy and Celiac Disease along with weird symptomatology and ways to […]

5 Ways You Are Making Your Metabolism Slow

We have all been there. You are working out, doing your best, eating healthy, and still, you don’t see the results that you are expecting on the scale. On the other hand, we have that one friend who eats whatever he/she wants doesn’t work out as much and is still skinny.  The reason behind this; […]

Detox Review: Reasons Why Detox Damages and Doesn’t Work.

With summer break around the corner, many people look forward to losing weight and looking great. Unfortunately, instead of looking for sustainable/healthy ways to reach our #bodygoals, many of us jump into crash diets and detoxes that promise results in the blink of an eye. But are they really that great?  What Are Detoxes? Detoxes […]