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Emotional Health: 5 Ways to a Happier Life!

January can be a really anxious month. The post-holiday feeling, the return to work, and even the debt related to Christmas presents can affect people’s mood and increase anxiety. According to the world-famous physiologist Roy Baumeister, humans can be wired for negativity. We are more likely to focus on that thing that our partner did […]

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Social Anxiety

Thanksgiving and holiday season is finally here. For most people, this can be the most anticipated time of the year. However, for those suffering from social anxiety, thanksgiving can represent everything but fun. Today we will share a couple of tips for you to identify it, and feel at your best during the holidays! What […]

Healthy Fear? 5 Reasons Why Halloween Is Good For Your Health

Are you a Halloween fan? Well, it seems like your body might be thanking you for that extra adrenaline dose.  According to different studies, Halloween and spook-filled activities can actually be beneficial for your health! Relaxation Although it sounds hard to believe, scary moments can lead to body relaxation. The reason behind this is the […]

Autumn Anxiety: The Reason Why You Feel More Stressed

Fall or Autumn Anxiety is an emotional condition that according to the experts has a tendency to rise this time of the year. According to Dr. Clare Morrison, medical advisor at MedExpress, “Autumn anxiety is the tendency for people to suffer from anxiety and low mood during the autumn months and unlike other anxiety, there […]

Battling With Insomnia? Fall Asleep In 10, 20, or 120 Seconds!

It is no secret that 1 out of 4 Americans deals with insomnia on a daily basis. Things like stress, overworking, and even caffeine over-consumption seem to affect our ability to sleep. However, it is actually possible to get yourself to sleep in 10 seconds and today we will teach you how! Fall Asleep In […]

A Guide to Burnout

The World Health Organization just recognized “BurnOut” as an official disease, and they defined it as a “syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. Burnout is a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can steal the joy of your career and even personal life. Left untreated, it can […]

Be Happy: 7 Tips To Becoming A Happier Person!

Everybody is looking for happiness. However, it is something that you don’t need to look for. As the famous saying goes, “Happiness is a state of mind”. And you can achieve this state of mind by taking small actions daily. Whether it is about having mental peace, or pursuing your dreams, or just having daily […]

5 Ways To Increase Emotional Intelligence

In a world filled with stress, anxiety, and things out of our control, emotional intelligence has come out as one of the greatest weapons against them. What Is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence is having the ability to name, control, and develop awareness of your emotions. Emotional intelligence is also key to mantaining healthy relationships personally […]

Stem Cell Therapy For Neurodegenerative Conditions

Neurodegenerative conditions affect the lives of thousands of people all over the globe. According to different statistics, more than 5 million Americans battle some kind of neurodegenerative condition, and close to 500,000 suffer from Alzheimer’s alone. Neuro-conditions can be life-threatening, and today we will share all that you should know about them. What Are Neurodegenerative Diseases? […]