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TRAVEL DURING COVID-19 | New Travel Requirements

Since March 2020, at Rehealth Regenerative Therapies, we have joined efforts following national and international health department requests in efforts to control Covid-19. Today we want to inform you about the new traveling requirements that both the American and Canadian governments have established to ensure safety. New Travel Requirements: All air passengers arriving in the […]

5 Ways Uncertain Times Are Affecting Your Brain

According to the University of Miami, uncertain times have created a new type of chronic stress that is affecting up to 75% of the American population.  VUCA (Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity) is a term employed to classify the high-demand, high-stress that can rapidly affect one of our most powerful assets, our attention. According to neuroscientist […]

Gratitude is an Antitote to Anxiety (Study)

2020 has been a rough ride for most of us. A global pandemic, unemployment, economic difficulties, and even political turmoil seems to take the best of us. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it seems legitimately hard to find reasons to be thankful for. However, recent studies prove that to overcome emotional fatigue or heaviness we […]