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How Does Stem Cell Therapy Feel? My Rehealth Experience!

My Personal Experience At Rehealth As many of you know, I have been a part of the Rehealth team for about a year and a half, but I hadn’t experienced what it’s like to receive SCT, until 10 days ago.  As a community manager, I get to answer patients’ questions and inquiries, and most of […]

5 Body Parts You Are Missing With Sunscreen

We all love summer and a good tan. Unfortunately, 80% of people who like to spend hours under the sun don’t realize that they are not applying their SPF correctly. Although it might sound obvious, sunscreen needs to be applied even in places that you might think don’t get burned. In reality, they do.  According […]

Different types of Wrinkles & How to Deal With Them

We all fear wrinkles. We do our best on a daily basis to beat them, or even prevent them, however, it turns out that not all wrinkles are the same. Apparently, we fall into the mistake of believing that each one of them come as a result of “aging”, and as a result we treat […]

5 Ways You Are Making Your Metabolism Slow

We have all been there. You are working out, doing your best, eating healthy, and still, you don’t see the results that you are expecting on the scale. On the other hand, we have that one friend who eats whatever he/she wants doesn’t work out as much and is still skinny.  The reason behind this; […]

5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Skin

How Many Of These Are You Guilty Of?  We all want to age gracefully and look amazing as time goes by. Unfortunately, most of all hold habits that are hurting our skin on a daily basis without us realizing it. Follow our advice to avoid these steps below and you will look radiant at any […]

The Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance And How To Treat Them

Ever since we are born, our hormones are the ones responsible for our appetite, stress, anxiety, sleep patterns, etc. When they are out of balance, all of these functions get affected, thus causing our bodies to suffer in several areas. Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance Every person can experience some sort of hormonal change in their […]

How Your Diet Hurts Your Skin

You might have heard that you are what you eat. Everything in our body is constantly telling us how our food is affecting us. Our stomach hurts when we eat something we are not supposed to, we develop allergies, moreover, our skin speaks more than we know. Things like breakouts, rashes, swelling, and even fine […]

The Cosmetic Benefits Of SCT

Stem Cell Therapy is well known for helping patients recover by promoting their own body`s healing mechanisms without the risk of complicated/painful procedures or surgeries. During the last decades, Stem Cell Therapy has been develping a new field of cosmetic care, beauty enhancement and age biohacking.  What is Biohacking? Biohacking is the process of making […]

Making The Most Out Of Stem Cell Therapy

It’s well known that Stem Cell Therapy is the answer when it comes to utilizing your body’s own resources to heal and recover. However, as in all therapies, Stem Cell Therapy requires some precautionary measures and care to make the most out of it and prolong the lasting of the benefits on your body. Stem […]