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We all know how to take care of our gut linage. Eating properly, consuming fermented foods, and even taking the right supplements, all seem like enough effort. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that the effect on the microbiome can come from the most unlikely things, such as weather and temperature.  Summer Heat & Gut Bacteria […]


The quarantine isolation can make most people unmotivated. However, recent studies prove that having healthy habits increases motivation, and therefore happiness.  The following routines will help you upstage your morning schedule! Start-Up Grateful:  Starting up your day by reading the news or checking your emails can harm your mood, and set yourself off for the […]

Low Testosterone: 7 Signs in Men

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the male body in the testicular area. It is responsible for regulating sex drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. Today, we will analyze 7 common signs that might indicate low testosterone production. Low Sex Drive  Low […]

Thanksgiving: Overcoming Social Anxiety

Thanksgiving and holiday season is finally here. For most people, this can be the most anticipated time of the year. However, for those suffering from social anxiety, thanksgiving can represent everything but fun. Today we will share a couple of tips for you to identify it, and feel at your best during the holidays! What […]

Prebiotics VS Probiotics: How Are They Different?

Good gut bacteria is key for your intestinal and overall health. Everything from your mood, metabolism, weight, and even your immune system is directly affected by it and it is responsible for keeping harmful microorganisms in check. We all know that consuming probiotics is important to keep our guts in track, however, it turns out […]

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Feel? My Rehealth Experience!

My Personal Experience At Rehealth As many of you know, I have been a part of the Rehealth team for about a year and a half, but I hadn’t experienced what it’s like to receive SCT, until 10 days ago.  As a community manager, I get to answer patients’ questions and inquiries, and most of […]

Maca Root: The Key To Risen Energy, Better Sex, And Hormonal Balance

The intake of maca root has grown dramatically during the last year. The root has been claimed to be a source of innumerable benefits ranging from enhanced fertility to improved stamina and energy. Today we will analyze its benefits to determine if it’s a true superfood or just hype. What is Maca? Maca root AKA the Peruvian […]

Detox Review: Reasons Why Detox Damages and Doesn’t Work.

With summer break around the corner, many people look forward to losing weight and looking great. Unfortunately, instead of looking for sustainable/healthy ways to reach our #bodygoals, many of us jump into crash diets and detoxes that promise results in the blink of an eye. But are they really that great?  What Are Detoxes? Detoxes […]

Be Happy: 7 Tips To Becoming A Happier Person!

Everybody is looking for happiness. However, it is something that you don’t need to look for. As the famous saying goes, “Happiness is a state of mind”. And you can achieve this state of mind by taking small actions daily. Whether it is about having mental peace, or pursuing your dreams, or just having daily […]

5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Skin

How Many Of These Are You Guilty Of?  We all want to age gracefully and look amazing as time goes by. Unfortunately, most of all hold habits that are hurting our skin on a daily basis without us realizing it. Follow our advice to avoid these steps below and you will look radiant at any […]