I'm not getting my Rehealth emails

How to Approve Delivery of Rehealth's Emails:

  • Add rehealth@advancedbiomedicine.com to your list of Contacts (see below)
  • Search for "Rehealth" in All Folders & drag to your "Primary" folder
  • If you find any of our messages in a Spam or Trash folder, mark as "Not Spam" and move them to the Inbox.

How to Add Rehealth to Contacts in Gmail:

  • Open an email from rehealth@advancedbiomedicine.com
  • Hover over the "from" name Rehealth
  • Click "Add to Contacts"

Create a new contact in Gmail:

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Visit www.contacts.google.com
  • Click the + button for "Create Contact" (at the bottom right of the screen)
  • First Name: Rehealth Last Name: (last name)
  • Enter rehealth@advancedbiomedicine.com into the email address field
  • Click "Save"

Note: If the mailing is in your SPAM folder, check the box next to the mailing and click the "Not Spam" button along the top.

Every email program is a little different. If you don't use Gmail, find yours in this article:
How to Whitelist email on most services